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One of my close friends mother, suffering from very painful Arthritis, went to see an Orthopedician. After initial assessment and radiological tests Orthopaedician recommended her an urgent knee replacement surgery.
Apprehensive of outcomes of surgery, as she was diabetic, we sought another opinion from an orthopedician happened to be good accomplice. He insisted the outcome in diabetic patients could have varied results. So, he advised us to look for other available alternative treatments and avoid surgery. After a long strenuous consultations with subject matter experts and available studies, we realized that collaboration of Physical Therapy with Ayurvedic Panchkarma offer lot of synergies as it has been successfully practiced at many places. However, finding quality Physical therapy and Ayurvedic treatment centres proved to be another daunting task. It took her more than 45 min daily commuting between two centres located at different corners of the city.
Eventually after all the hardships, the integrated therapy approach gave us pretty encouraging results. For the past 3 years, positively, she’s able to walk pain free for good 1-2 kms daily and that too without any medication. The only effort she does is of doing some light exercises daily and seeing her doctors once in two months. Going forward, we recommended the same to many other relatives and friends with all positive results.
This epitomized us to set up a long term vision; serving and helping people with chronic pain problems to avoid any unwarranted surgery. The need of the hour was to find protocol based scientifically proven therapies that can be aligned to provide one-stop solution. In order to fulfill the dream for an optimistic future, the decision of quitting the MNC job wasn’t turned out to be difficult.

The aim of Sparsa- healing touch is to bring high quality Non Surgical Pain Management centers in Punjab starting from Amritsar and then covering 20 other locations in next 4 years. We are committed to provide quality treatment with broad range modalities under one roof.
The present concept of Sparsa has taken shape after long and intensive research on various pain relieving modalities and multimodal treatment approaches. Leading Doctors from two different Kerala Ayurvedic Institutions and pain management specialists have been advising Sparsa in our effort for providing time tested and research based approach for pain management. We have also joined hands with American Pain Society, one of the highest bodies in the world to guide and mentor us about the latest techniques and studies in the ambit of Pain management. We are affiliated members with them.
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